What We Offer

Can you imagine your business running without computers?

At this time, computers became an important a part of life. We cant imagin to work without computers. And all the pasts of computer along with warrenty.. After warrenty perio, you have got to appear for paid pc support services which will rectify any errors that may arise because of regular work. A pc support service ought to be specified maintains your pc utilized in your business, and makes it work while not annoyances, by creating it run smoothly.
Computer AMC and technical support services are best solution for your buisness while problems occured. Many Companis offering these service with a post warrenty contract.
R S network & Computers is one of the best computer AMC service provider in Delhi/NCR with 27*/7 on the spot service. We offer our AMC service with multiple support like software support, hardware support, operating system support, antivirus support and much more.If you have a small and mid sized buisness the computer AMC is the best way to solve your PC problems.

Computer Repair

Benefits to AMC your systems :

  • Quality maintenance service
  • Complete package of maintenance service for a price effective vary.
  • Computer AMC help you save time as well as money.
  • System protection against viruses, spywares and malwares
  • Upgrading and Assembling your PC
  • Recovering hard disk data
  • Maintaining, repairing, Servicing your printer and monitor
  • Care Pack HP,Lenovo,Dell,IBM,
  • Keeps your pc absolutely tuned around the clock.